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Dan Sartor, PhD, NCC

Ph:      708.239.4820

Fax:    708.239.0198


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Mailing Address:

Dan Sartor, PhD, LCPC, NCC

Trinity Christian College

Trinity Counseling Services

6601 W. College Drive

Palos Heights, IL  60463

How can I contact Dan?Hand Shake 2.JPG
To inquire directly about Dan's services, call his office at 708.239.4820.  Rest assured that all conversations are confidential. 

Can I contact Dan via e-mail?

Email.jpgDue to the inability to ensure confidentiality over the internet, Dan limits his email correspondence with his patients and all prospective patients to general appointment arrangements.  Conveying personal and/or private information by email is generally discouraged.  However, you are very welcome to call and leave a confidential message for him at 708.239.4820.  Most calls are returned by the end of the following business day.

What are Dan's fees for his services?
Dr. Sartor's fee for psychotherapy is $140 per 50-minute hour.  His fee for psychological testing and evaluation is generally $150 per hour.  Most of his patients are able to utilize their insurance benefits; however, please note that Dr. Sartor is an out-of-network provider.  You may check with your insurance company or policy to determine your out-of-network benefit.  Dr. Sartor's patients pay him directly at the time each service is rendered with cash, check, credit card or via PayPal.  Dr. Sartor gladly provides an invoice that can be mailed to your insurance company, which will reimburse you directly for the services in accordance with your policy.  In an effort to make quality psychological services accessible, adjustments in the fee are made on a case-by-case basis.  You may inquire about a fee adjustment if you are facing a financial hardship.

Why is Dr. Sartor an "Out-of-Network" provider?
As a rule, "in network" mental health providers are required to furnish more documentation and information to acquire authorization for services than "out-of-network" providers.  Dr. Sartor does not participate on any "in network" panels to better protect the confidentiality of his patients and to devote more of his time to providing psychological services rather than completing time-consuming treatment reports.  His "out-of-network" status enables greater freedom for him to decide with his patients the best course of treatment or to make fiscal arrangements, when necessary, with the least amount of hinderance possible from insurance company policies and/or administrators.

Schedule Calendar.jpgHow do I set up an appointment?
Dan is available Monday through Thursday during standard business hours.  Some early morning and evening appointments are also available.  Appointments with Dr. Sartor may be scheduled by contacting him directly at 708.239.4820.

What about cancelling appointments?

When you make an appointment with Dr. Sartor, that time is reserved especially for you.  You may cancel your appointment up to 24-hours in advance without charge.  Although, you are asked to inform Dr. Sartor as soon as you can if you know that you are unable to keep your appointment so that time may be made available to others seeking an appointment.  Except in the cases of illness or emergency, sessions cancelled or missed without 24-hour notice will incur the full session charge.

What forms need to be completed for our first session?

Signature.JPGThe following two forms should be completed for our first session together.

Client Information Form.pdf

Consent to Treatment.pdf

The following HIPAA form is provided to you in accordance with state and federal laws.  It provides information about how you private health information is kept confidetial.

HIPAA Notice Form.pdf

If you desire for me to speak with your general practitioner, psychiatrist, pastor, another counselor, or family member, the following release form must be completed and signed.

Release of Information.pdf

Can I Schedule Online Sessions?

 Dr. Sartor offers online appointments with his previously established in-person patients through a secure video conferencing service that is fully HIPAA compliant and uses the latest encryption technologies.  Patients desiring to meet in this format must also complete the Video Session Informed Consent form below and contact Dr. Sartor for faxing, emailing, or secure file-sharing of the document.  Payment for video-based sessions should be made immediately prior to scheduled sessions via the PayPal by clicking here.  A Paypal link has also been added to the left sidebar of this webpage for your convenience, as well.

Video Session Informed Consent.pdf

Computer Woman at Screen.jpg