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My MissionDan Richmont Green Border.jpg
It is my mission to encourage and equip others through competent Christian counsel and psychological services, placing value on the healing of relationships, life transformation, and promoting spiritual vitality in our families and in our community.


Man-Sad.jpgEveryone faces seasons of challenge, personal crisis, and loss. During these times the encouragement and viewpoint of another
can help us attain our goals, achieve personal stability, or facilitate
our healing and personal growth.  And, perhaps more Woman- Sad.jpgimportantly, the connection and understanding we achieve with others through our overwhelming experiences of hurt, fear, and anger can provide healing and new options for our perspectives and behaviors—options that we did not see or experience before


Practical information, life skills, and a healthy perspective are the basic tools of living well. Through them we become resilient through life's challenges, develop character, cultivate meaningful personal relationships, and reach Encouraging and Equipping.jpggoals that have lasting spiritual significance.  The counseling relationship, itself, can serve to transform us, shaping how we see ourselves, others, and the events of our world.  The counseling relationship can be both the catalyst for much needed behavioral change and the context for a deeper sense of being—affecting who we are, not just what we do.