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Counseling and Psychotherapy
Trained as a generalist in Clinical Psychology and a Nationally Certified Counselor, Dr. Sartor meets with individuals, couples, and families.  He is qualified to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of emotional and relational problems, including: Counseling Office.jpg
·   depression
·   anxiety
·   abuse recovery and post-traumatic stress
·   grief and loss
·   addictions of various kinds
Areas of special focus include:
·   marital counseling (including post-affair recovery)
·   sexuality issues (including sexual addiction and sexual identity)
·   spiritual issues and crisis of faith
·   services to pastors and missionaries
·   chronic relational and emotional problems

Group Counseling.jpgGroup Therapy
Dr. Sartor provides group therapy and facilitates addiction recovery groups.


Psychological AssessmentProjective Inkblot.gif
Dr. Sartor provides some psychological testing services, which include:
· Diagnostic Psychological Assessments
· Vocational and Career Assessments and Counseling

Clinical Supervision
Dr. Sartor provides clinical supervision for graduate students in the field of mental health, as well as post-degree professionals working to fulfill licensure requirements.

Dr. Sartor gladly offers consultation to pastors and ministry leaders without charge regarding shepherding and soul-care issues related to pastoral care. Additionally, he provides candidate evaluations and personnel-related consultation services by contract to mission agencies and denominational boards as they select candidates for placement or ordination.

Workshops and Retreats
Dr. Sartor enjoys providing public presentations on

  • trauma-informed care,
  • sexual addiction recovery,
  • marital enrichment,
  • stress management,
  • spiritual formation,
  • grief and loss in the spiritual life,

and a variety of other topics related to personal growth and spiritual formation. These seminars consist of substantive biblical teachings that include informative and practical contributions from the field of psychology.  He is happy to tailor presentations or develop topics to suit the interests of your organization or church.