Dan's Pathway to Psychology

During my young adult years, my spiritual hunger and passion for people led me to study music, theology, and biblical studies in preparation for pastoral ministry. The work of pastoral care, along with facing the realities of my own brokenness, stirred my desire to better understand our human condition and the path of healing and renewal. Without abandoning the relevance of faith to sustain and transform us in the hardest seasons of life, I transferred from my divinity studies to counseling to be better equipped to accompany others through dark seasons of loss, doubt, and isolation to a place of new life and recovery. After earning a Master's degree in counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary, I earned an additional Master's degree and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Biola University.  Now, roughly 20 years later, I continue to serve as a licensed clinical psychologist, licensed clinical professional counselor, and board certified counselor, I provide counseling services, clinical supervision, consultation, workshops, and retreats. In addition to providing services as a generalist in clinical psychology, I proffer specialized care and training in the areas of trauma recovery, various forms of anxiety, addiction recovery, marital counseling, and spiritually integrated care. It is my deepest privilege to provide psychotherapy, clinical supervision, consultation, and training to diverse individuals, couples, families, and a broad array of organizations and churches through private practice and my work as a Professor of Counseling at Richmont Graduate University.  

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Dan's mission is to facilitate spiritual vitality and relational restoration through teaching, counseling, writing, and personal encounters in the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

Dan's Current Professional Path


Richmont Graduate University - Chattanooga, TN

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Richmont Graduate University - Atlanta, GA


WebMD - Identify PTSD Triggers

Currently, Dan serves as the Vice President of Integration at Richmont Graduate University (RGU) in Atlanta, GA, and Chattanooga, TN. In this administrative role, he fosters the integration of Christian faith and practice into every facet of the University's mission, activities, and community life, including the mental health counseling curriculum, clinical training, and research. He is Professor of Counseling at the University, teaching in both the University's School of Counseling and School of Ministry. His current course offerings include Psychodynamic Theories and Counseling, Theodicy and Trauma Counseling, Integrative Theology, Personal and Spiritual Life of the Counselor, and Pastoral Care.  Past courses include Addictions Counseling, Group Counseling, and Counseling Skills. During his academic career, he has taught over 15 different graduate-level courses in psychology and mental health counseling.


Dan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (GA), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (IL), and Nationally Board Certified Counselor with over 20 years of clinical experience. In his practice, he provides psychotherapy, clinical supervision, and consultation services. Dan regularly speaks and provides training nationally and internationally to organizations, ministries, and churches on various topics, including trauma-informed care, complex trauma recovery, compassion satisfaction/compassion fatigue, and various topics related to sexuality, marital enrichment, pastoral care, and healthy Christian spirituality. Dan’s clinical specialties include trauma recovery, sexuality issues, addiction recovery, marital therapy, and the integration of Christian faith with clinical practice.  Dan is a co-author of Shared Hope, International's  i:CARE: A Health Care Provider’s Guide to Recognizing and Caring for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims (2016) and is featured on WebMD on identifying PTSD triggers and the impact of PTSD on relationships.